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Make the most of
your company's image

The simple image bank solution that lets you source, search and share pictures.
Think of it as quality content, control and collaboration, minus the frustration.

Putting you in control


Create custom photo missions, source stock photography and search your own image library. All in one place.


Easily keep track of external and internal images, and keep your content up-to-date and quallity-controlled. No more lost photos or duplicates.


Share images with your team, collaborate on projects and keep your company visuals consistent.

The Pickit Business/Team solution has really simplified our workflow and given us control over our images, both when we’re working with a large group of people, and in a smaller team.

– Patrik Björkander /
 Marketing Manager

Faster photos

We’ll put the right image at your fingertips fast with our search, photo missions and stock image market.

Your images

No more messy photo folders and dated duplicates. Easily find your own photos with our personalized image bank.

Photo missions

Can't find the perfect picture? Submit a photo request and crowdsource custom images for your project.

Pickit Market

So long to switching sites and losing track of images. We've put the world's best stock photo providers all under one roof.


Image control

Get complete control over your company’s own images as well as easy access to public stock photography. The best way to keep your content up-to-date and quality-controlled, and take the frustration out of image curation.


Invite your team and coworkers to collaborate and create your own company community.

Image bank

Upload pictures to the image bank from your hard drive or network folder and create custom collections.

Access options

Permission and approval functions mean you decide who gets access to what. No more rogue coworkers sharing shady shots.


Productive pictures

Working with people can be difficult. Much like keeping track of photos.

That’s why we’ve created an image bank that makes it easy to share images with your team, and collaborate on projects, all whilst keeping your company visuals consistent.

Try it and see for yourself what happens when the image planets align and people, pictures and productivity all come together.

We are constantly updating and managing large amounts of images across our organization. Pickit Business makes it simple, giving us the overview, security and control we need.

– Anna Fohlin /
 Brand Director


See statistics, track trends and find out what photos your staff are using. Or not using. All the information you need to make the most of your images.

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