Our Story

On an otherwise ordinary Tuesday in 2012, art director Henrik and Mathias the IT guy got talking about pictures. Like most people, they struggled to find good photos for their projects and presentations, usually settling for something mediocre from a search engine.

Aware that those photos weren’t doing their work justice, and that photographers weren’t getting paid, they turned to stock photography providers. But after finding most payment models complicated and confusing, they decided to combine their passion for technology and design, and do their bit to fix a broken market.

Enter Pickit. Situated in Visby, a suitably picturesque city on a Swedish island, Pickit is making it simpler for ordinary people and businesses to find better photos faster. All by putting the best stock images and crowdsourced photos in one place, in the apps people are already using, and always rewarding photographers along the way.

The Pickit Team

We know people

Not only do we know pictures, but we know people with pictures. The Pickit platform connects photos users, photo providers and photographers worldwide, making it simpler to access quality images.

We know pictures

We also know pictures, handpicking each image using a unique combination of AI and human curation. This means you get the right picture to make your message stronger and make your work matter.

We know collaboration

Working with people can be tricky, and keeping track of everyone’s photos can be time-consuming. So, we created an image bank for teams and businesses that will take the frustration out of collaborating with pictures.

We know value

85% of images online are stolen, and many people don’t know where to go for legally-cleared photos. We believe in fair photos, so we’re changing the industry by putting 60% of profits back in the hands of the photo providers.

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