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Pickit puts royalty-free photos, icons, and illustrations at your fingertips right inside Office. Download the free add-in to bring your docs and presentations to life in a click.



What is Pickit?

Pickit is pictures on a mission to make messages stronger and make work matter. How? The right images in the right place at the right time.

Office Integration

Did we mention we're fully integrated into PowerPoint, Word, Sway and Windows 10? That means unlimited access to photos without ever leaving Office. Or your office.

Clever Curation

Our savvy sorters have combed the planet for the best images, and put them into handy collections, so you can spend your time on more important things. Like what you're going to say. Or perhaps a nap.

Photo Community

Nope. No magic photo fountain. Just a global community of dedicated photographers, providing us with an endless supply of scintillating imagery.

Get started

The world's best pictures all in one place

Looking for photos, icons or illustrations? Now you don't need to search half the internet or register a new account with every image provider. We've done it for you, and put all the best stock in one spot.

Pickit where you want it

Pickit Business solution

People collaborating with pictures just got a whole lot simpler.

We get your photos flowing

Done with dated duplicates and messy photo folders? We're like your own personal workflow wizard, giving you control over your image curation. Minus the frustration.

All our images, all yours

Not only do you get access to a world of images in our catalog, but you can upload your own, create custom collections for your team, and keep track of them all along the way.

Helping you become fluent at photos

If you want your message to make it in a world that speaks in images and icons, it pays off to stock up on quality shots. Pickit Business is here to turbo-charge your visual vocabulary, and give you an alternative to those cringe-inducing slides that make your business look bad.

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